Forward-thinking retailers change the marketing script

Beyond the beautiful dresses of the Spring/Summer fashion shows, it’s the changes behind the scenes and variations to the department stores marketing strategies that is really dominating newsfeeds.

Forward-thinking retailers change the marketing script

Forward-thinking retailers change the marketing script 984 553 Nicole Marino
Jennifer Hawkins

Forward-thinking retailers change the marketing script

Spring/Summer fashion has officially launched, with retail giants Myer and David Jones recently unveiling their latest seasonal looks on their respective runway shows.

Beyond the beautiful dresses though, it’s the changes behind the scenes and variations to the department stores marketing strategies that is really dominating newsfeeds.

Myer made headlines recently for ending their 12 year contract with the face of their brand, supermodel Jennifer Hawkins, replacing her with a selection of influencers, including Channel Nine’s The Block’s Elyse Knowles. Interestingly, Knowles has a larger following on Instagram than Hawkins, coming in at 896,000 followers compared to Hawkins 876,000.   

Following the announcement of the split, which is rumoured to be as a result of Hawkins demands of large salary and extensive creative control, a Myer spokesperson made history by stating “there will never be another face of Myer”.

David Jones longstanding ambassador, Jesinta Franklin, was also recently removed from her throne due to failed contract negotiations and made a splash by sitting front row at rival Myer’s Spring/Summer fashion show, where Jennifer Hawkins walked the Myer runway for the last time.  

Both department stores have a long history of ambassador relationships, after pioneering the concept in the Australian retail industry, with David Jones showcasing Maureen Duval throughout the 70’s and 80’s and Myer engaging Deborah Hutton for a decade during the 90’s.

David Jones have since had long standing ambassador contracts with supermodels Megan Gale, Miranda Kerr and Jessica Gomes, in addition to the two years with Jesinta Franklin. Myer’s long list of ambassadors includes Hutton and Hawkins, as well as actresses Jodi Gordon and Lauren Phillips and models Kris Smith and Rachel Finch.   

With no future “face of the brand” for Australia’s largest retailers and a rapidly changing direction in marketing strategy towards the much cheaper and more flexible influencer, does this represent the death of the supermodel?

The rise of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing for brand awareness has grown exponentially in recent times and is changing the landscape for businesses, with online content now dominating the advertising space.

Forbes defines influencers as someone who helps people buy things from you. Not necessarily someone with a large social media following, but someone with the potential to influence others using their reach, credibility and capacity for communicating with conviction, that can convert to sales. Influencer marketing is simply selecting an influencer that can promote your brand and using them to market your products and services.

Influencer marketing vs. traditional advertising campaigns

According to Social Media Today, influencer marketing is delivering more than 11 times ROI than some of the more traditional digital marketing strategies and a whopping 94% of marketers who have used influencer campaigns have found them to be successful.

So, what’s the difference between an influencer campaign and your usual advertising campaign?

An influencer will buy you what an ad cannot – credibility. A real person, with a real following of fans that respect and revere them, advocating for your brand, offers an unrivalled credibility that can’t be matched by advertising. An influencer campaign can create authentic branded content that is both visual and engaging. Influencers tap into our innate love of storytelling and deliver this in an authentic way. The result, if it’s done right, is a proven improvement in perception of your brand.

If you’re a supermodel, you best be changing your tactic and working on your social media following to become more influential. If you’re influencer, clear your schedule because businesses are coming for you!

Are you a business looking to ride the influencer train for your advertising strategy? Chat to us! We can help you navigate the world of online content and find the right influencers to boost your unique brand.