Strategy and integration trending in 2018

Strategy and integration trending in 2018

Strategy and integration trending in 2018 2983 1950 Nicole Marino

Strategy and integration trending in 2018

Content remains king, however, personalisation is his queen and the micro influencer is making its mark as the Algolution looms in the world of communications.

Our Co-Directors Sarah and Nicole attended the annual Mumbrella CommsCon last month and while they did learn a new trick or two, it was refreshing and comforting to know that Hashtag definitely has its finger on the pulse.

Key trends that came out of the conference include:

The Algolution

Everyone is talking about the new algorithms being introduced to Facebook and Instagram this year, but what does it all actually mean? Basically, users’ newsfeeds on these platforms will now be sorted according to relevance, rather than recency. Users hold the power and information that is not relevant to us will no longer appear organically.

For businesses, this creates an even more definitive ‘pay to play’ market. It’s all about the advertising dollars and targeting through the right criteria.

Social and digital marketing has moved from CONVERSATION, TO CONVERSION TO COMMERCE – is your communication strategy resulting in increased commerce for your business?

Strategy is key for social media campaigns and ensuring the right message is reaching the right people will serve you well. An integrated approach must be considered as consumers continue to seek a multi-channel experience.

Amazing content strategically placed should be complemented by paid media and social across any campaign.

With more and more players entering the social media world, the honeymoon period is over and there is a call for more regulation and professionalism in the industry. New regulative bodies mean social giants will no longer be their own boss.

The Micro-Influencer

As social media continues to become a ‘pay to play’ space, the micro-influencer is quickly winning out over its more traditional counterpart.

A micro-influencer has less than 10,000 followers. It is said that people will engage more with micro-influencers and feel more connected, which in turn leads to deeper engagement. Because consumers feel an emotional connection to micro-influencers and resonate with them, it’s important to remember context is key.

It is understood that 94% of consumers believe influencer-led promotions. If the number one objective for businesses to spend money on social media is to achieve a return on investment (ROI), then selecting the right people to represent your brand is an important element of this.

The Value Exchange

When it comes to any marketing or communications strategy, it’s all down to the value exchange. What are you trying to achieve with this piece of content? According to one of Australia’s leading communications experts, it’s about ‘helping a carpenter realise they want to become a furniture maker’. Good content is a process, not a product. Your purpose is the why and your strategy is the how.

Focus on creating the BEST content, not the MOST. Audiences are constantly bombarded with content, so make yours worthy and engaging, don’t add to the noise. A good communications strategy should include the three ‘C’s of content marketing:

  • Created (brand only created)
  • Curated (customer created, than shared through the brand)
  • Co-created (collaboration between brand and influencer).


A new buzz word in communications and technology, blockchain offers a direct pathway to consumers, through currency and incentives and allows you to digitally track products. It won’t be long before you will have to ask yourself, what’s your blockchain strategy?

The modern world of journalism 

The rise in digital, coupled with lower staff numbers in the news area means journalists need to expand their skill sets or rely on clever PR’s to provide even better, more instantly usable content, including video.

As the lines between paid, owned and earned are becoming even more blurred, public relations and marketing continues to merge with new technologies. Traditional forms of marketing are becoming less affective and strategy is more important now than it has ever been.

Hashtag Group has more than 30 years combined experience in communications and we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

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